Health and Weight Loss Tips – Part I

Staying in good shape for the rest of our life sounds like everybody’s ideal dream. Staying slim is not just something nice but is a necessity if we want a healthy long life and our actions about it, play a very important role.

My first Health and Weight loss tip is based on one of the 7 natural laws of the universe: The law of cause and effect. There are two things in life from which you can never escape: Action and Reaction, good or bad is up to you.

Being overweight is not only because you eat more but also because you move less; When you are just sitting and watching TV for hours, your body is storing the excess of energy of the food you ate today because you are not burning it off. That is a reaction to an action you took.

More than often you use the car to do the tiniest distance, which you could have easily done it on foot; as a result your calorie consumption remains poor, Obzoroff for sure less than you eat. That is another action that brings a bad reaction(to your body).

Now slowly you start to understand what I am talking about.

But what would happen if you could replace these actions with other better ones? The answer is good reactions, and good reactions bring good results: Weight Loss, Better Health.

Its easy to do these changes, you just have to stand up from your sofa or your chair and start moving, here are some ideas:

Use a bicycle for near distances; it will be great for your health and fitness and for the environment too(less pollution)!!Or if you hate bicycles, just walk this distance.

How many hours do you spend every day in front of your TV?3, 4, 5 or even more?

I am sure you can do something, more useful. Sitting too much at home also makes you think more of the food. Instead start reduce this time: if you have a dog take him an extra round(he will be very excited).

If you have a garden is easy;there is always something to do:you can put some new flowers, or cut the grass or paint that old fence.

You can take an easy walk and go check some nearby shop vitrines, maybe you will find something interesting. If you have a garage in your house, go and tidy it a little bit.

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